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Deans and administrators from each college suggested one of their faculty members who deserves special “kudos” during Faculty Appreciation Week.

Becky JacobsAssociate Professor Becky Jacobs has caused some UT law students to become “Jacobholics.”

“There are students who call themselves the ‘Jacobholics’ and who take every class she offers, regardless of topic area,” said her colleague, Ben Barton, who is director of clinical programs and an associate professor of law. “This is because she is a brilliant and engaging teacher who makes endless time for the students. She is also a dedicated public servant.”

Jacobs took over the college’s mediation clinic and has since trained many law students to become mediators.

“Becky is a tireless worker, a passionate teacher and a person who is making a massive impact in our community. She is also an exceptional scholar. In sum, we are most lucky to have her with us,” Barton said.

Jacobs, who came to UT from a job in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been on the College of Law faculty since 2002. She also directs a mediation clinic as a part of the College of Law Clinical Programs.

“I am passionate about mediation. My students and I work with the Knox County Community Mediation Center,” Jacobs said. “It is a local nonprofit with a really amazing group of skilled volunteer mediators.”

With Dave Ostermeier and Don Hodges, Jacobs also co-pioneered the Environmental Law Practicum, which involves students and faculty from across campus. It works with the Cumberland Habitat Conservation Plan on clean water and other issues in the Cumberland Plateau and all over East Tennessee.

Jacobs was called “one of the most naturally enlightened people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of being associated” by law student Jeff Carter.

“As a law professor, she demonstrates the utmost effectiveness in teaching the most important skill a lawyer will ever possess: analysis,” Carter said. “The time spent in her classroom taught me to think about issues in different and more meaningful ways, leading me to more insightful, and ultimately more useful, conclusions. She is an astute academic and an exceptional teacher, and the university is bettered by her presence.”

In honor of Faculty Appreciation Week, Tennessee Today will feature stories and videos based on comments about great faculty members submitted by students, alumni and others.

You can send a shout out to your favorite faculty member or read what others have written.

Also this week, area merchants will offer a variety of discounts for UT faculty.