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Robert BeichnerInnovative changes in university teaching spaces will be the topic of discussion Monday, Jan. 25, at the Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center, 103 Aconda Court.

Robert Beichner from North Carolina State University will hold an informal meeting at 2 p.m. to discuss the SCALE-UP Project. Educational research indicates that learning is enhanced in collaborative environments where students work on interesting tasks together, have significant interaction with faculty who roam the classroom, and are deeply involved in their learning process. The SCALE-UP Project was designed to provide environmental classroom designs and teaching methods to facilitate this type of learning.

The SCALE-UP Project has arguably begun to radically change the way large classes are taught at major universities. SCALE-UP stands for “Student-Centered Active Learning Environment for Undergraduate Programs.” In its relatively short existence, SCALE-UP has already worked with dozens of research universities, helping to create meaningful changes in the student learning experience.

In this open session, Beichner, the director of SCALE-UP, will provide an overview of the project and lead a discussion of facilitating change within large institutions.

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