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KNOXVILLE — A legal education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has long been an excellent value, and the College of Law continues to be recognized nationally for giving students an excellent “bang” for their tuition dollars.

National Jurist Magazine has ranked the UT College of Law as the nation’s 14th Best Value Law School.

“We are pleased to have the incredible value we provide recognized,” said Dean Doug Blaze. “We are as good as, and probably better than, any law school in the country at preparing our students to effectively begin practice when they graduate. And we strive to remain as accessible and affordable as possible.”

Director of Admissions Karen Britton added that the college “has long been considered a great value in legal education. This recognition helps the college deliver the message that return on investment of tuition dollars spent by students, even in these difficult economic times, is a solid investment.”

The magazine looked first at tuition, considering only public schools with in-state tuition less than $25,000 per year, and private schools with annual tuition under $30,000.

Schools with employment rates less than 85 percent and those with first-time bar passage rates under their state average were not considered. Schools were ranked with the greatest weight given to tuition, followed closely by employment rates.

When data was gathered by National Jurist, Tennessee’s in-state tuition was $11,502 and the college’s percentage employed was 94. UT’s bar passage rate was 92 percent compared to the state average of 80 percent.

The magazine identified 65 schools meeting the criteria of carrying a low price tag and being able to prepare their students perfectly well for today’s competitive job market.

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