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Percy Fernandez West, associate director of the Thornton Athletics Student Life Center, always goes the extra mile and, according to colleagues, is “easy to work with and work for.”

Percy serves as a mentor to some of the staff of the Thornton Center, a role which he handles selflessly.

“There has never been a time where he had to turn someone away because he was too busy,” said one colleague, adding that he drops whatever he is doing to help another staff member.

Often coming in to work on weekends with only a moments notice, Percy has a tireless work ethic and his extremely dedicated to his career. He has an “easy going spirit” and “always has a smile on his face and an uplifting word.”

Because of his hard work and admirable work ethic, the UT Positive Recognition Committee named Percy July’s second Send Roses recipient.

To nominate someone for the Send Roses Award, visit the UT Positive Recognition Committee’s Web site at or call 974-6018.