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Getting in touch with the Office of Information Technology is easier this week, thanks to a new program called “One Contact, Many Solutions.”

Starting this week, to get help from any part of OIT – from telephone services and assistance with Blackboard to standard technical support requests – just call 974-9900 or visit According to Scott Studham, UT’s chief information officer, the move to one point of contact will not be much of a change for many OIT customers.

“A substantial number of people on campus already use 974-9900 to reach our Help Desk, so for them, this new approach will not change much. It’s a system that’s been effective for us, and this will enhance that central point of contact that has worked so well for many of our customers,” said Studham.

Not only will the change to a central point of contact make interacting with OIT easier for customers, it will also help the office better understand the full breadth of customer needs, and in response ensure that their resources are being put to use effectively. Instead of relying on customers’ individual contacts within OIT as an entry point, this new system will make sure that every customer has their needs met in the most efficient and effective way possible.

This change affects all units within OIT, including Information Technology Engineering Services and the Innovative Technology Center.