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Payroll is Going Green!

After August 1, 2009, pay statements will only be available online.

To view your pay statement online, go to You can bookmark this site for easy reference. You will need your NetID and password to log in. You will be able to view, print and/or download your current pay statement as well as pay statements from the previous three years. If you do not have access to the internet, your department has been provided a method for printing your pay statement for you.

You recently received a letter containing your NetID from the university-wide Payroll Office. If you no longer have this letter and do not know your NetID or if you need to set/reset your password, visit This Web site contains answers to many questions you may have related to online pay statements.

An e-mail notification will be sent to you at your university e-mail address on the day prior to a pay date. This is a reminder that your online pay statement is available for viewing. If you are not receiving this e-mail notification, we do not have a valid e-mail address for you. If you want to receive these e-mail notifications as a reminder that your online pay statement is ready to be viewed, you must establish a university e-mail account and route it to an e-mail address of your choosing. For instructions on forwarding e-mail, refer to  campus specific instructions at For assistance setting up an e-mail account, contact the campus help desk at (865) 974-9900.