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KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has one of the nation’s strongest supply chain programs in the U.S., according to AMR Research, the leading research firm focused on the global supply chain and its supporting technologies.

AMR Research surveyed 126 companies and 19 academic institutions to determine which U.S. programs best prepare students to manage increasingly global integrated supply chain organizations. The universities were measured across a total of 13 metrics, which include number of recruiting mentions, supply chain course and program offerings, and best program mentions.

As for depth of program — which includes the number of graduates, the university’s commitment to the discipline and the number of total full-time professors assigned to teaching and research — UT tied for third. The researchers noted that UT has more than 400 students within its supply chain programs.

In the area of industry value — whether companies feel the university is delivering as promised — UT was among the top five “because of strength in company recruiting mentions and an average base salary across programs of $85,000.”

Overall, UT tied for sixth among all the 19 participating universities, ranking above the University of Florida, Texas A & M, the University of Michigan, the University of Wisconsin and nine other universities. Penn State and Michigan State University received the highest rankings in the study.

For a copy of the report, “Leading U.S. Supply Chain Programs, 2009,” see

AMR Research is the No. 1 research firm focused on the intersection of business processes with value chain and enterprise technologies. Founded in 1986, AMR Research provides subscription advisory services and peer networking opportunities to operations and IT executives in the consumer products, life sciences, manufacturing and retail sectors.

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