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Erec R. Koch, professor of French and head of the Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures department, will deliver an invited lecture on Friday, April 10, at the doctoral seminar on the epistolary genre in seventeenth-century France, Centre d’étude de la langue et la littérature françaises des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles, Université Paris-Sorbonne/CNRS. Koch will discuss the interrelation of philosophy and literature in philosopher René Descartes’ correspondence with Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia.


UT’s Finance department is recognized as having some of the world’s most prolific authors in finance literature spanning 1959-2008, according to recent research conducted at Saint Joseph’s University and Trinity University. Recognized for authors appearing most frequently in the seven leading finance journals are George Philippatos and Ronald Shrieves.

Recognized as authors appearing most frequently in the 26 core finance journals are Philippatos and Shrieves, along with James W. Wansley, Michael C. Ehrhardt, Ramon P. Degennaro and Harold A. Black.


John (Tom) Mentzer, Bruce Chair of Excellence in the Marketing and Logistics department, was awarded an Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence by the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management for an editorial considered one of the publication’s most impressive pieces of work in 2008. This supplements the numerous awards he has received for his research and teaching, including being honored with the Council of Logistics Management’s Distinguished Service Award and The International Society of Logistics’ Armitage Medal and being inducted as a distinguished fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science, a distinction given to less than 30 scholars worldwide.