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KNOXVILLE — Students come to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, to learn how to think about themselves and the world. Now, UT Knoxville wants to know what students think about their university.

Next week, the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) will be e-mailed to about 5,000 randomly-selected UT Knoxville freshmen and seniors. The survey asks students about their participation in programs and activities that promote learning and personal development.

Every year, NSSE surveys students at UT Knoxville and hundreds of other four-year colleges and universities, and provides the institutions with detailed reports on the results.

Maxine Thompson-Davis, Dean of Students, says it’s vital that students fill out the survey.

“We use the results in a variety of ways, but most importantly, it helps us make the university experience better for our students,” Davis said.

Much of the feedback from previous years has led to improvements here at UT Knoxville, Davis said, including the following:

– Making academic help and advising more accessible, focused and worthwhile;

– Adding more formal and informal programs to connect freshmen with fellow students, faculty and the institution;

– Expanding the First Year Studies 129 seminar series to help inspire students with the love of learning that’s at the heart of the university experience;

– Educating the student body about the Ready for the World intercultural and international initiative and related diversity efforts.

The survey is scheduled to be sent via e-mail on Feb. 3, and students who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for All Star gift cards. These cards are accepted in campus dining halls, vending machines, laundry facilities and the UT Bookstore. They also can be used to purchase student football tickets.

“We urge all students who receive the e-mail to please fill out the survey,” Davis said. “The subject line of the message will say ‘UT Knoxville wants your feedback,’ and it’s true–we want to know what our students think about their time here at UT.”


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