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Get your coupon good at all UT Starbucks locations.


Welcome to the UT Minute. In light of the recent temperature changes to conserve energy here at UT, we thought we’d share with you a few Dos and Don’ts of how to stay comfortable during the winter months. Let’s check them out.

When the temperature is as variable outside as it is inside, it’s all about layered clothing. Make sure you have a sweater or sweatshirt at hand, so you can warm up if things get chilly inside.

Make sure not to wear TOO many layers, though, as this can impact productivity.

If a sweatshirt or jacket just isn’t taking the edge off the cold, you can always get up and take a walk around the office.

We do not, however, recommend doing your best Usain Bolt impression.

Another great way to beat the cold is to grab a warm beverage from the nearest campus Starbucks. And with the buy 5, get one free coupon that came in your e-mail, it’s a great time to do so!

Just remember it’s NOT ok to relocate your office permanently to any Starbucks location.

[woman on phone: I can’t hear you. No, I can’t hear you. I’m in Starbucks.]

Here’s one more thought to keep you warm: Thanks to our new energy policy, UT Knoxville is saving more than two million dollars every year.

So switch your thinking and make a difference.

That’s your UT Minute.