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KNOXVILLE — Do you enjoy thumbing through old yearbooks to see how the campus has grown, how your parents used to look or what people did at college 50 years ago?

University of Tennessee Libraries has made it easier to get a peek into the past. Now you can look at yearbooks online.

The collection of the Volunteer Yearbooks and new scholarly work published by the UT Libraries’ digital press are two recent products of the UT Libraries’ ongoing commitment to providing top-notch resources through the use of emerging technologies.

Volunteer Yearbooks are written, edited, photographed and designed entirely by UT students and convey the unique perspectives of the student body throughout the years. The publication showcases athletics, academics and daily student life and reflects larger cultural and social trends.

Since the first issue of the Volunteer Yearbook in 1897, the tradition has been carried on annually with the exception of 1918, when university activities were halted due to the events of World War I. The Libraries’ online collection includes most years of the publication from 1897 through 2001.

The Volunteer Yearbooks online collection can be viewed at

UT Libraries is working to make unique research materials available online as well. To address the need for making scholarly and specialized resources widely available at a reasonable cost, UT Libraries has launched its own digital, open-access publisher, Newfound Press.

Newfound Press publishes peer-reviewed content that merits wide dissemination and preservation but is unlikely to be published by a traditional press because of narrow focus or innovative format.

Newfound Press hosts three books, a scholarly music journal and proceedings of two recent University of Tennessee conferences. Its newest release is “To Advance Their Opportunities: Federal Policies Toward African American Workers from World War I to the Civil Rights Act of 1964” by Judson MacLaury, a retired Department of Labor historian in Seattle.

Newfound Press book titles can be read online at the Newfound Press Web site at


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