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Donde Ashmos PlowmanDonde Ashmos Plowman, Flaskerud Professor of Strategic Management in the College of Business Administration, was awarded the Academy of Management Best Paper Award for 2007, one of the most coveted research awards in the discipline of management.

Her paper, "Radical Change Accidentally: The Emergence and Amplification of Small Change," co-authored by then-doctoral students, was the result of a class research project.

The authors document how an impromptu decision to serve breakfast to the homeless on Sunday mornings by several members of a dying church congregation was an unplanned change that escalated into a radical identity shift for the church and stopped the decline.

"In my wildest dreams, I never imagined receiving this prestigious award, which previously has been given to people I consider the giants in our field," said Plowman.


The Academy of Management Journal is a premier journal in its field. Best Paper Award winners are chosen by a committee made up of national scholars who rate all previous-year published articles in the Academy of Management Journal based upon idea importance, extent to which the idea advances organizational understanding, sound research methods, and potential to affect future research and practice.

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