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In addition to this year’s Torchbearers, Adam Brown, Catherine Cocke, John Rader, and Anna York, and other student awards recipients, the recent Chancellor’s Honors Banquet honored numerous faculty, staff and friends of the university, including

Macebearer – Lee Riedinger

Alexander Prize – Arun Chatterjee

Jefferson Prize – Michael Handlesman

L.R. Hesler Award – Jeffrey Kovac

Commission for Blacks Hardy Liston Jr. Symbol of Hope Award – Richard Bayer

Commission for LGBT People Advocate Award – Donna Braquet

Commission for LGBT People Ally Research Award – Bharat Mehra

Commission for Women Angie Warren Perkins Award – Jayne Wu

Commission for Women Notable UT Woman Award – Mary Albrecht

Commission for Women Women of Achievement Award – Mae Quinn, Katherine Warden

Excellence in Academic Outreach – John Peters

Excellence in Advising – Gayle Lodato, Casey Sams, Gary Truett

Excellence in Teaching – Linden Craig, Suzanne Lenhart, Malissa Peery, James Plank, Lynn Sacco, Colin Sumrall

Extraordinary Community Service – Tierney Bates

Extraordinary Customer Service – Beth Cole

Extraordinary Service to the University – John Sibley, Emily Parker

Alumni Association Outstanding Teachers – Bruce Behn, Richard Bennett, Stanton Garner, Margaret Gripshover

Alumni Association Public Service – Susan Riechert

Ready for the World – John Rabun, Josette Rabun, Richard Saudargas

Research and Creative Achievement – Brian Barber, Pengcheng Dai, Wesley Hines, Thomas Mueller

Research and Creative Achievement Professional Promise – Bin Hu, Nathan Sanders, Aleydis Van de Moortel, Jayne Wu

Send Roses Award – Nancy Austin, Terry Baker, Mona Criswell, Jacquelyn German, Donna Hurst, Sherry Matthews, Angela McCarter, Bethany Mincey, Nakesha Roberts, Bobbie Rosenbalm, Margaret Taylor

For a full list of all student, staff, faculty and friends of the university who were honored, go the Chancellor’s web site at http://chancellor.utk.edu/.