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Robert DavisIn 1999, Parking and Transit Services’ Robert Davis started riding the Knoxville Area Transit (KAT) bus to work everyday. Now he has logged nearly 500 rides and has also become friends with fellow commuter, UT Human Resources’ Cheryl Hodge, who nominated him for the KAT award.

Hodge has been riding the KAT bus alongside Davis for a year and a half. "Robert was my instructor in ‘Bus Riding 101,’" says Hodge. "He has become a real friend."

Smart Trips commuters can win gift certificates to restaurants and grocery stores. Smart Trips, which promotes alternatives to driving alone, is another way UT employees and students can help "Make Orange Green."

Smart Trips commuting alternatives include carpooling, riding the bus and bicycling. Look for ways you can reduce the effects of commuting as UT celebrates Earth Month throughout April.

Call 637-3000 or go to to find out about a $35 per semester bus pass for UT employees and students. The "T" campus bus system is free.