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Construction conesPhillip Fulmer Way between the University Center and Walters Life Sciences Building will be closed from noon Tuesday, April 1, to 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 2.

The short portion of that street in front of the Money Wall will temporarily be two-way to allow motorists access to the public parking garage behind the University Center. When the road reopens, it will revert to one-way southbound from Cumberland Avenue.

The "T" system will adjust a few routes as described below:

The East-West bus will use Cumberland to Volunteer after leaving The Hill. Students who normally catch the E-W at the UC should catch it at the shelter at McClung Tower.

The North-South bus will pick up at the transfer point on Philip Fulmer, in place of the UC.

The T:Late Night will use Volunteer from Fort Sanders, and passengers should catch it at Melrose Avenue, just before Hodges Library.

The Off-Campus Housing bus (50C), the Route 44 – Knoxville Gateway bus and the Green Line Trolley all will load and unload at the transfer point.

UT Link and Access will not pick up at the UC Money Wall. Access to Staff Lot 9 will not be affected.

Appropriate road signage will be in place along with UTPD officers to assist motorists and pedestrians. Please direct any questions you may have to UTPD at 974-3114.