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Dr. Jesse Poore, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, professor and director of UT’s Science Alliance, has been named Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.

Jesse H. Poore
Jesse H. Poore
Poore will head reorganization of the university’s information technology program. In his new role Poore, also former information technology leader at Georgia Tech and Florida State University, will have full authority to lead the implementation of a full-scale reorganization of UT information technology programs. His appointment is effective March 1.

In announcing the appointment, UT President John Petersen noted thorough analysis has preceded the decision to revitalize the university’s IT program and to name Poore to oversee that effort.

“Over the past several months, we have taken an assessment of the university’s information technology needs by conducting a comprehensive review that included analyzing our operations, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes that focus resources on IT to contribute to the achievement of the university’s goals,” Petersen said. “We have decided on an organizational structure that best allows us to provide faculty and staff with necessary and improved IT services now and in the future, and Jesse Poore is an excellent choice to help the university achieve that goal.”

In addition to managing IT at Georgia Tech and Florida State University, Poore has served as department head for the UT Knoxville Computer Science Department and director of the Science Alliance, a program that promotes cooperative research between UT and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Poore is also a co-founder of the UT-ORNL Joint Institute for Computational Sciences. His 20-year research program at UT Knoxville has focused on the economical production of high-quality software. In 2002 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society recognized his work with its highest award in software engineering.

UT Executive Vice President David Millhorn described Poore’s new role as critical to the entire university.

“We’re fortunate to have him in this role, because his service to UT and his past experience make him a knowledgeable and uniquely qualified fit,” Millhorn added.

Poore said he looks forward to serving in his new role.

“I am pleased to serve the university in this capacity and look forward to assuming the IT leadership,” Poore said. “I believe the resources and support will be made available, and with good communication among the system, campuses and institutes, we will succeed in this revitalization strategy to enable the university to benefit fully from the potential of the technology.”

A three-year timetable for IT reorganization is anticipated, according to Millhorn.

“Consultants who helped with our study told us it would take three years to achieve a full modernization in our IT functions,” Millhorn said. “Rather than a Band-Aid approach to solving a complex problem, this is a permanent solution involving proven leadership that will assure optimum effectiveness.

“Dr. Poore will determine the structure and process to be followed, but philosophically, it is intended that we will have an approach where the system is responsible for oversight and policy as well as certain system enterprises, while our campuses manage their local operations within the policy framework. It will be up to the leadership to manage that process in a way that works.”

Millhorn acknowledged the valued information technology staff who will contribute to shaping and implementing the program.

“We have a lot of excellent people in IT who are doing good work and who have kept our system functioning under difficult circumstances,” Millhorn said. “We are grateful for their efforts and appreciate their hard work. Having strong leadership in place will enable them to be even more effective.”

Poore’s appointments as the Ericsson-Harlan D. Mills Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and director of the Science Alliance will continue.


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