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KNOXVILLE –- Accomplished author and New York Law School professor Richard Bernstein will focus on John Adams in the annual Milton M. Klein Memorial History Lecture on Monday, March 3, at the University of Tennessee.

Bernstein will speak at 4 p.m. in the Shiloh Room of the University Center. His lecture is titled “How John Adams Became a Founding Father: An Exploration of History and Memory.” The lecture is free and open to the public. Parking is available for a fee at the University Center garage.

Bernstein, who studied law for three years before deciding to study history, has been the author, editor or co-editor of more than 19 books on the American Constitution and legal history, with a focus on the Revolutionary generation.

Bernstein’s book “Amending America: If We Love the Constitution So Much, Why Do We Keep Trying to Change It?” was praised by The Detroit News as “an intelligent, carefully researched and highly readable account.” His other books include “Are We to Be a Nation? The Making of the Constitution,” “Thomas Jefferson” and “Of the People, By the People, For the People.”

Bernstein, professor at New York Law School since 1991, was named Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law at the school in 2007. Among his other achievements, Bernstein is director of online operations and co-manager of Heights Books, the premier used bookstore in Brooklyn, N.Y. Currently, Bernstein is working on another book called “The Founding Fathers Reconsidered” for Oxford University Press.

The Klein lecture series is sponsored by the Milton M. Klein History Studies Endowment, established by Klein’s widow, Margaret Klein, to honor his many years of distinguished service as professor of history and university historian.

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