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Simek Visits College of NursingInterim Chancellor Jan Simek’s visit last week to the College of Nursing continues a tradition for top administrators to visit colleges and departments that started last year.

Simek praised the college for the "care and consideration shown to students and its outstanding service to the community." The purpose of the informal visits, he said, is to assure faculty and staff that "we are a strong flagship campus and that UT continues to progress."

"I’ve been here for 25 years," he said, "and I’ve always had a great deal of respect for the College of Nursing and its work in clinics around the community and the world."

He cited numerous grants, research findings and innovative health care studies as examples of an outstanding college.

During his tour of the nursing facilities, Simek also got a close up look at SimMan, a portable manikin used in team training. SimMan’s medical "condition" is controlled by software, allowing students to learn valuable patient treatment skills.

Simek called his tour of nursing facilities and his chat with nursing faculty and staff last week "the first of many sojourns around campus."