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Decadancetheatre dancerEver been to a hip-hop ballet? This March at the Clarence Brown Theatre is your chance to experience Decadancetheatre, a fusion of hip-hop dance and ballet. Based in Brooklyn, the dance movement tells the stories of the global hip-hop generation and its artistic expressions.

Decadancetheatre is made up of female dancers from the U.S., Germany, Italy and Japan and much like how traditional choreographers use the vocabulary of ballet, Decadancetheatre uses the vocabulary of hip-hop. To the dancers, hip-hop is a fusion of various underground dance styles, including Breaking (floor power moves), popping (small articulated, movements of the arms and legs making the dancer look robotic), locking (big, cartoon-like steps), and commercial hip-hop (big, sharp movements of the arms and head with kicks, jumps, turns, and knee slides).  Decadancetheatre also incorporates graffiti, DJing and MCing into their work as these three elements complete the diverse culture of hip-hop and are necessary for its communication and preservation.

Decadancetheatre is at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 6 in the Clarence Brown Theatre. Tickets are $5 for students and $15 for faculty and staff with UT ID. Tickets for the general public are $20. Tickets are available for students at the University Center Central Ticket Office. The general public can purchase tickets at the University Center Central Ticket Office, Thompson-Boling Arena Ticket Office, online at http://www.knoxvilletickets.com/, or by phone at 656-4444. A convenience charge may be added. Tickets are also available at the venue on the evening of the performance. The event is co-sponsored by 91.9 WUOT.

For more information on the Decadancetheatre event, visit the Cultural Attraction Committee’s Web site. To learn more about the history of the dance group, visit http://www.decadancetheatre.com/