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KNOXVILLE — “Politics Now!” is a video contest for University of Tennessee faculty, staff and students who want to make a political statement.

The UT Studio in Hodges Library and the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, are sponsoring the contest.

“We want students to make videos about anything political — formal politics, workplace politics, campaign politics, family politics — anything political,” said Gavin Luter of the Baker Center.

Some ideas suggested by the Baker Center:

• Your thoughts about one of the 2008 presidential candidates.
• The importance of voting.
• Satire of a political figure or process.
• Is global climate change an issue in local politics?
• Politics in the workplace.
• Who wears the pants? Politics in the home.
• Issues of nepotism in politics.
• Unionization of graduate students around the country.
• Social barriers (such as race, religion and gender) in running for U.S. president.

Videos will be judged by several faculty, staff and students, including:

• Vicky Bridgeforth, graduate student, media arts.
• Anna York, Baker Scholar, SGA vice president.
• Jane Row, social studies, UT Libraries.
• Mark Harmon, journalism and electronic media, Knox County commissioner.
• Bill Larsen, English lecturer.

Judging will be based on thematic interpretation, creativity, quality and adherence to the time limit.

Prizes will include iPods, software from the UC Computer Store, T-shirts from Joe Shirt and more.

For registration and more details, see

UT employees and students can check out video equipment from the Studio, a media production lab at 245 Hodges Library.

Registration will close and entries are due March 26.


Gavin Luter, (865) 974-0931,
Amy Blakely, (865) 974-5034,