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The College of Nursing has invited Captain Nikia Marshall, a registered nurse in the United States Army, to speak to the campus community about the work of military nurses in Afghanistan and Iraq, 6:30 p.m. tonight in Room 107 of the College of Nursing building.

Marshall, who spent 13 months at a combat support hospital in Afghanistan, hopes to spread awareness of the conditions that medical personnel in the Middle East face and the growing need for patient care items.

Military nurses in Afghanistan and Iraq are well-prepared to treat injured adult soldiers but often find themselves caring for badly injured civilians, including women and children. The hospital where Marshall was stationed kept a ready stock of medical supplies but lacked an adequate supply of comfort items, such as gowns, slippers and boxers, for the general care of civilians.

Marshall has met with nursing faculty on a prior occasion, and her story has inspired the college to organize an item drive for military nurses fighting in the war-torn countries. At her presentation tonight, nursing faculty will discuss the item drive in greater detail.

The presentation is free and open to the campus community. For more info call 974-7616.