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KNOXVILLE -– Women 3.0 Magazine, a premier business, investing and wealth-building resource for women, has ranked the University of Tennessee’s executive MBAs and full-time MBA program in the Top 50 in the U.S. The rankings were based on academic excellence, entrepreneurial focus, commitment to new businesses and ideas and flexibility for working women.

“We are honored that Women 3.0 has included our executive and full-time MBA programs in its Top-50 rankings,” said Jan Williams, dean of the College of Business Administration. “These rankings reinforce our efforts in ensuring that our executive MBA programs deliver superior education with minimal interruption to students’ careers and in recognizing the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in our curriculum.”

Women 3.0 joins other prestigious sources, such as Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times, Supply Chain Management Review, Public Accounting Report, Forbes, Princeton Review and the Wall Street Journal, in ranking UT’s executive and full-time MBA programs among the nation’s best.

Women 3.0 ranks all schools alphabetically, not numerically.

To be listed as a Top 50 executive MBA program, the school must offer:

• A degree heavily focused in accounting, operations, marketing, management and/or finance -— areas most demanded by working adults.
• A dedicated, talented faculty.
• A wide variety of electives.
• Proximity to strong business-hub cities.
• A good flex-schedule for working students.

To be listed as a Top 50 MBA program in the area of entrepreneurship, the school must offer a strong MBA program, a degree or focus in entrepreneurship, a wide offering of relevant electives, established entrepreneurship centers/incubators and proximity to strong business-hub cities.

Since 2006, Women 3.0 has provided business information and advice to professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and decision makers. Women 3.0 is a source of information for and about women-owned businesses and corporate leaders, and an authority on women-related business news and trends.

Women 3.0’s Top 50 Executive MBA Programs
(Listed alphabetically)

1 Alabama, University of
2 Arizona State University
3 Arizona, University of
4 Baylor University
5 Brigham Young University
6 California at Berkeley, University of (Haas)
7 California at Los Angeles, University of (UCLA)
8 Chicago, University of (Executive MBA Program North America)
9 Columbia University (EMBA)
10 Cornell University (Cornell Executive MBA Program)
11 Delaware, University of
12 Duke University (Weekend EMBA Program)
13 Georgetown University (International Executive MBA)
14 Georgia Institute of Technology
15 Georgia State University
16 Georgia, University of
17 Iowa (Executive MBA Program)
18 Kennesaw State University
19 Louisiana State University
20 Marquette University
21 Miami, University of
22 Michigan State University
23 Michigan, University of
24 Minnesota, University of
25 Nevada, Las Vegas, University of
26 New York University (NYU Stern Executive MBA Program)
27 North Carolina-Chapel-Hill, University of
28 Northeastern University
29 Northwestern University (Kellogg School Executive MBA Program)
30 Ohio State University (Executive MBA)
31 Oregon, University of (Executive MBA)
32 Pennsylvania, University of
33 Pepperdine University (EMBA)
34 Purdue University (EMB Program)
35 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
36 Rice University
37 Rollins College
38 Rutgers (Executive MBA (USA))
39 South Florida, University of
40 Southern California, University of (Marshall)
41 Southern Methodist University
42 Stetson University
43 Tennessee, University of
44 Texas A&M University
45 Texas-Austin (Texas Executive MBA)
46 Thunderbird
47 Vanderbilt University (Owen)
48 Villanova University
49 Wake Forest University
50 Washington University

Women 3.0’s Top 50 MBA Programs for Entrepreneurship
(Listed alphabetically)

1 Alabama, University of
2 Arizona, University of
3 Babson College
4 Ball State University
5 Boston University
6 California at Berkeley, University of
7 California, Davis, University of
8 California, Los Angeles, University of
9 Carnegie Mellon University
10 Case Western Reserve University
11 Chapman University
12 Chicago, University of
13 Colorado- Boulder, University of
14 Dayton, University of
15 DePaul University
16 Drexel University
17 Florida International University
18 George Washington University
19 Georgia, University of
20 Houston, University of
21 Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, University of
22 Indiana University, Bloomington
23 Louisville, University of
24 Loyola Marymount University
25 Maryland, University of
26 Michigan, University of
27 North Carolina, Chapel Hill, University of
28 Northern Kentucky University
29 Northwestern University
30 Notre Dame, University of
31 Penn State University
32 Rice University
33 Rochester, University of
34 Saint Louis University
35 San Diego State University
36 Seton Hall University
37 Simmons College
38 South Carolina, University of
39 South Florida, University of
40 Southern California, University of
41 Syracuse University
42 Temple University
43 Tennessee, University of; full-time program
44 Texas, University of
45 Tulane University
46 Vanderbilt University
47 Virginia, University of
48 Wake Forest University
49 Washington, University of
50 Wisconsin-Madison, University of


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