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When you need help with a personal or job-related problem, EAP is just a phone call away. Mary Lucal, coordinator for Human Resources’ Employee Relations office, can provide information about UT’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The EAP provides confidential, short-term assistance to employees and their families to help resolve problems affecting their personal lives or job performance. Services can include short-term psychological and financial counseling as well as brief legal advice. The free program is available to all benefits-eligible UT employees and their im-mediate families.

"While this benefit is utilized by many UT employees, some do not know about it or are hesitant to access it. I hope employees will call me to talk about how the program might be of use to them," Lucal said. She can be reached at 974-6018.

The EAP also offers some free seminars.

To contact the state EAP provider, Magellan Health Services, directly call the toll-free number, 800-308-4934.

The EAP also provides health information and confidential online self-assessments at www.magellanhealth.com. Participants need not be registered to access the topics list but must register and sign in to access the online self-assessments.

To register, click on "I’m a member," then "new or unregistered user." Enter the Magellan toll-free number 800-308-4934 under "enter your program plan or toll-free num-ber," then follow the instructions for establishing a user name and password. To sign in each time, click on "I’m a member," enter your user name and password and then click on a topic in the "Library" section.

"Top Topics" lists articles on financial planning, elder care, childcare, work issues, family issues, grief and loss, descriptions of anxiety and depressive disorders, and more.

The assessments section offers self-tests about career motivation, goal-setting skills, conflict management skills, emotional intelligence, nutritional knowledge, stress levels, anger management, eating disorders, alcohol use and more.

"Results are given immediately after you complete the screening test," Lucal said. "Remember, if your score indicates a potential problem, you may contact the EAP for a personal counseling session."