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Today is the launch of a new print and electronic outreach effort that shares good news about University of Tennessee faculty and staff.

Through Tennessee Today, several existing forms of campus communication converge to create a place where employees and students can find timely information about the people and events that make the university great.

Tennessee Today provides a concise summary of news, profiles, commentary and events, and combines the best features of several previously-existing campus news sources.

  • The name "Tennessee Today" is taken from the online home of university press releases. It now refers to a weekly news page in the Daily Beacon, this Web site, and a daily e-mail newsletter.
  • Staff Stuff, a biweekly newsletter in print for almost 35 years and online for a decade, preserves its name in a Tennessee Today column offering UT staff benefits, training and employment. A more comprehensive newsletter called Tennessee Today: For Your Benefit will focus solely on benefits, training and other employee programs.It will begin this fall and circulate three times a year to all Knoxville area employees.
  • @tennessee, the daily e-mail newsletter, continues as the Tennessee Today e-mail newsletter. Meanwhile, @tennessee has become the name for the section of Tennessee Today that highlights campus events.

Look for these new features in Tennessee Today:

  • "UT People," a weekly column about employees with interesting jobs, unusual hobbies or remarkable life stories.
  • "UT Voices," a biweekly column written by administrators and campus leaders representing UT faculty and staff.
  • "Spotlight," a biweekly top story that takes an in-depth look at the people and programs that set UT apart.
  • "News in Brief" news articles on academic research, construction projects and other university news.

Additional news and events will appear exclusively here on the Tennessee Today Web site. Two regular features from the university Web site also will appear here:

  • "In the News" features UT people and programs highlighted by local, regional, national and international news organizations;
  • "Ready for the World" showcases UT’s culture of diversity as students gain international and intercultural knowledge.

Tennessee Today is produced by the Office of Communications & Marketing, 91 Communications and Extension Building. The office includes Media and Internal Relations, Creative Communications and Video and Photography Center.

Reader feedback and story suggestions are invited and may be submitted to tennesseetoday@utk.edu. Call 974-8304 with questions or e-mail mbensey@tennessee.edu.