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Watch Your Steps

UT exercise, sport and leisure studies professor Dixie L. Thompson is quoted in the July issue of Money magazine praising the merits of using a pedometer to get motivated to exercise. Thompson believes that, because pedometers can help users accurately monitor their activity, they will be more likely to experience beneficial behavior changes.

Infectious Foie Gras?

A study by UT Graduate School of Medicine professor Alan Solomon has prompted media coverage and discussion about foie gras, a fatty delicacy made from over-enlarged duck or goose liver. Science News reports that foie gras can be high in amyloids, malformed proteins that can hinder organ function. Solomon’s study, in which mice were injected

‘Jaguar’ 2nd Fastest Supercomputer

This Associated Press story on announces that the "Jaguar," a supercomputer developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, holds the position of world’s second-fastest supercomputer on the most recent "Top500 List." Jack Dongarra of the University of Tennessee Innovative Computing Laboratory — who is one of the list’s four publishers — notes the "overall

Bodies Wanted

The June 11 issue of Newsweek magazine features this profile of the UT Forensic Anthropology Research Facility, also known as the "Body Farm." The piece discusses the facility’s history as the first such outdoor laboratory, as well as how the research performed at UT is inspiring similar facilities nationwide.