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University of Tennessee College of Social Work faculty are seventh in the nation when it comes to having their work published in major social work journals, according to a recent study.

This study is done every five years, and the college’s ranking has risen from 25th in the nation since the last time the study was done.

College Dean Karen Sowers praised her faculty for the tremendous increase in publishing — which points to their vast research and their ever-increasing knowledge base that enhances their teaching abilities.

“It is only because of hard work, persistent effort, and deep commitment to excellence on the part of many individual scholars within our institution that this level of productivity and academic recognition has been reached,” she said.

“Academic Affiliations of Social Work Journal Article Authors from 1999–2003: A Productivity Analysis Spanning 25 Years of Social Work Scholarship” was published in April 2007 in the Journal of Social Service Research, 33(3), 13–20.

The newly published study analyzed about 1,000 articles published between 1999 and 2003 in six major social work journals. The authors of those articles represented 310 schools.

The study was done by Bruce Thyer, a professor at Florida State University; Jan Ligon, an associate professor at Georgia State University; and D. Lynn Jackson, an assistant professor at the University of North Texas.

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