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KNOXVILLE — The renovation of Thompson-Boling Arena begins at 7 a.m. Monday, and the work will require a number of temporary closures.

Blaine Construction Corp. is in charge of the project which is due to be completed in early October.

“We need everybody’s cooperation so the contractor can meet his schedule,” said Michael Cate, architect in the UT’s Division of Facilities Planning. “Therefore, we have to limit casual access to this facility.”

For safety reasons, much of the arena will be off-limits while heavy construction is under way. All arena elevators will be closed. The concourse — a popular lunch-time walking spot for some UT employees — will be closed.

Arena Dining Services and the nearby bathrooms will remain open and will be accessible via the door on Phillip Fulmer Way nearest the dining facilities. The ticket office on the west end of the arena also will remain open.

Several offices are relocating during construction. The men’s and women’s basketball offices will move to the Letterman’s Room on the west end of the arena, near the ticket office. Athletic Event Management will move to Neyland Stadium. The soccer office will move to the Regal Soccer Stadium. All of these offices’ phone numbers will remain the same.

“If you are looking for any office which has been located in the arena, it would be prudent to call first so you know where it is located during the construction,” said Jeff Maples, senior vice chancellor for finance and administration.

Outside the arena, some streets and parking areas also will be affected by the construction.

The parking lane on the south side of Phillip Fulmer Way from the east end of the arena to Lake Loudon Boulevard will be closed. The sidewalk adjacent to the arena from Arena Dining to the ticket office also will be closed.

Phillip Fulmer Way will remain open to two-way traffic at most times, although temporary and partial closures may be needed periodically. Such closures will be announced in advance.

Staff Parking Lot 5, on the east end of the arena, will be closed. Neyland Parking Garage G10 lot will remain open, but the west side exit will be closed.

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