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KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee has a variety of faculty members with expertise who could be helpful to reporters working on stories about the upcoming election.

Here are some of the faculty who are available to assist the media with stories:

Michael Fitzgerald — Political science professor, chair of the American Studies program and senior teaching fellow with the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Political Policy. Areas of interest include voting trends, American pop culture. Involved in ongoing research project about issues that interest college students and make them more likely to vote or be civically active. His office phone is (865) 974-7049, but he’s best reached via e-mail:

Anthony Nownes — Political science professor. Areas of interest include elections and public interest groups. He is best reached via his cell phone, (865) 621-4475. He also can be reached via his office, (865)974-7052 or by e-mail,

David Folz — Political science professor. Currently teaching courses on state politics, public management and survey research. He can be reached at (865) 974-0802 or

Mark Harmon — Journalism and electronic media professor. A former TV news producer and radio reporter/host and a current member of the Knox County Commission, his areas of interest include political advertising. He can be reached at (865)974-4291 or

Michael Gant — Political science professor and director of UT’s Social Science Research Institute. Areas of interest include public opinion, political behavior and research methodology. He can be reached at (865) 974-2730 or

For additional help in locating an expert, contact the media relations office at (865) 974-2225.

Amy Blakely, (865) 974-5034,