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KNOXVILLE — For the first time in 18 years, University of Tennessee parking fines on campus have increased. The change was approved by the UT Board of Trustees in 2005 and went into effect on Aug. 14, 2006.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to purchase parking permits, which are required in order to park in designated campus lots.

Parking permit costs have not increased this year and have not been raised since 2000. Student commuter permits cost $155 and student non-commuter permits are $241. Employee parking remains the same, varying from $25.30 a month for unreserved parking to $99 a month for reserved parking.

For safety and security, the university does require that all vehicles used in connection with employment or attendance at UT be registered with the Parking and Transit Services Department. UT Police advise that registration is necessary in order to match owners with their vehicles in the event of an emergency.

There is no charge to register a vehicle, and it must be renewed each fall. Registering a vehicle, however, does not include parking privileges for campus lots. To encourage compliance with regulations, tickets for on-campus parking violations will now carry a higher fine.

Under the new guidelines, all unregistered vehicles parked in university lots will be fined $32, up from $27. Registered vehicles in violation of campus parking regulations will be fined $24, except for fire lane violations, which are $42, and handicapped violations, which are $100.

For more information, visit UT Parking and Transit Services at