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A Message To The University Community From Chancellor Loren Crabtree:

“After much difficult thought and discussion with family and friends, I have reaffirmed my conviction that UT is where I want to serve and have therefore withdrawn from the Presidential Search at the University of Wyoming.

“While the opportunity to be nearer grandchildren and family was a significant lure, my friends and colleagues at UT and the good work we have started here in building a great public university are even more compelling.

“I have heard from many who were disappointed that I might decide to leave the university. It has been gratifying to hear from so many and to receive such encouragement to stay. I understand your concerns, and let me assure you that leaving was never something I took lightly nor was I looking to leave.

“What compels me to stay is the strength of our faculty, the quality of our students, the unique role in our state and nation that our university plays, and the firm commitment that President Petersen and our board have made to increasing the prestige, national position, and autonomy of our campus. I am excited by our ability to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead.

“I am honored to hold the leadership position at this flagship campus, and I look forward to building the leadership team that can realize the vision we have for our university and for our faculty, staff and students.

“Over the last few weeks there has been too much emphasis on me, focus that is better placed on our faculty, our students and our passion to serve our state and nation as a leading public university.

“My hope is that together we will commit anew to achieving our lofty, but attainable, goals and ensure the success of our entire university community.

“Finally, let me say that I am — have always been — enthusiastic about the University of Tennessee and optimistic that the best is yet to come.”