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KNOXVILLE — Looking for a way to spice up your next tailgate party? The University of Tennessee has launched its new “Power T” cookie – an orange-flavored treat that is sure to sweeten up any occasion.

UT chef Jeff Doughty and Mrs. Carol Petersen

Carol Petersen, wife of UT President John Petersen, initiated development of the new product in cooperation with UT Dining Services and UT Book and Supply Store.

Described as a sugar cookie with a zing of orange flavor, the cookie can be ordered through the UT Bakery. The Power T cookie cutter and special recipe is also for sale now at the UT Book and Supply Store at the University Center. Plans are underway to sell the Power T from select UT Bakery counters across campus.

The Petersens unveiled the Power T cookie at an event prior to the UT v. UAB game on September 3. Since then, inquiries about the cookie have continued to grow.

“The inspiration for the power T cookie cutter came from the need for a good gift item that would appeal to many people. I was looking for something that was both useful and interesting for alumni and friends,” said Mrs. Petersen. “I think this is a simple idea with big potential for tailgate parties and other events.”

Jeff Doughty, UT catering’s executive sous chef, worked with UT bakery staff to create several recipes for a taste test with Mrs. Petersen and several other judges.

“I used my grandmother Lanice’s recipe, and our bakery staff came up with three additional choices,” said Doughty. “We took the best of each recipe and worked diligently to create what is most worthy of the Power T identity.”

UT Bookstore Assistant Director David Kent worked with a vendor to manufacture the tin logo cutter. The cookie cutter sells for $7.99 and includes the recipe. Cookies are sold through the UT Bakery, both individually and by the dozen. Prices are $1.29 each for plain and $1.49 for the iced cookie.

They are also sold by the dozen for $10.99 (plain) and $12.99 (iced).

For more information, call the UT Bookstore at (865) 974-3361 or through the UT Bakery at (865)974-5284. Pick up orders at the Sweet Tooth Bakery at Presidential Courtyard.