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KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee System will accept students from colleges and universities that were hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina to allow them to continue their educations.

In coordination with Gov. Phil Bredesen’s offer of aid from the state of Tennessee, UT System schools will join with Tennessee Board of Regent Institutions to find places for undergraduate, graduate, professional and medical students who have been displaced by the natural disaster.

The chancellors at each of the UT campuses – Chattanooga, Knoxville, Martin and Memphis – will coordinate all student enrollment issues and, with other schools in the state, find spaces for students during this time of need.

The Health Science Center campus in Memphis will take all medical students displaced by Katrina.

The Knoxville campus has committed to accept all graduate students, up to 500 undergraduate students, and a total of 50 law students – 20 first-year law students and 30 students from other years. Because of the recent record freshman class size, there is a housing shortage, but university officials will seek accommodations.

In Chattanooga, the university will accept up to 100 undergraduates.

In Martin, the university will accept 50 students, and has available housing for 25 students.

“We fully support the governor’s efforts, and our campuses are enthusiastically responding in various ways to assist in this time of national need,” President John Petersen said.

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