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University of Tennessee students living in on-campus housing now can download music and other on-line features free through an agreement between the university and Napster.

Tim Rogers, UT-Knoxville vice chancellor for student affairs, said the service will be available to students in residence halls.

“This is a one-year, pilot program designed to evaluate the benefits of legal and
safe on-line music services,” Rogers said.

If the pilot program is successful, it will be made available to all students and integrated with library and academic programs, he said.

The Office Information Technology, headed by Brice Bible, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and the Student Government Association worked together to provide the service.

“This is part of our on-going commitment to insure that all students, faculty and staff are aware of and understand the legal and ethical implications of illegal file sharing,” Bible said.

Using peer-to-peer file sharing software such as KaZaA or Morpheus to download or upload copyrighted music or software violates federal law and UT policy, Bible said.