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KNOXVILLE — Tennessee’s results from the 2004 presidential election are right in line with results from a mock election of University of Tennessee students held in early October.

More than 1,700 UT students participated in the mock election sponsored by the Student Government Association. President George Bush received 59 percent of the total votes while Senator John Kerry received 37 percent.

Of the votes cast in the state of Tennessee, President Bush took 57 percent of the total popular vote while Senator Kerry received 42 percent.

“Despite being critiqued by some as a faulty and underrepresented election, the mock voting at UT was actually quite statistically sound,” said Jerod Hollyfield, president of UT College Republicans.

“The nearly 2,000 people who voted made up a nice sample of the university and state population,” he said. “Opponents claimed that the mock election was a volunteer sample, but elections require people to volunteer their opinions through voting so the sampling method went hand and hand with the population in question.”