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University of Tennessee math professor Suzanne Lenhart recently urged members of Congress to increase federal funding of university math and science research and education.

Dr. Suzanne Lenhart

Lenhart and two UT students described a scientific project they completed and why continued federal funding was important for its completion.

The presentation, titled “Competition and Invasion: A Microcosmic View,” was held at the Coalition for National Science Funding’s 10th annual Science at Work Exhibition in Washington, D.C.

UT was one of more than 30 institutions urging Congress to boost federal science and math funding.

Lenhart’s presentation was based on an interdisciplinary study designed to show biology and mathematics students how the two subjects can be mutually beneficial.
The research was sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America and involved six students and four faculty members.

Lenhart, who has been at UT for 23 years, also is a part-time researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She has a doctorate from the University of Kentucky and a bachelor of science from Bellarmine College in Louisville, Ky.

She has been the director of research experience for undergraduates at UT since 1990. In 2001-2002 Lenhart was president of the Association for Women in Mathematics.