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KNOXVILLE — Faculty, students and staff were honored at the annual Chancellor’s Award Banquet at the University of Tennessee. The following awards were presented:

2004-2005 Macebearer: Joseph G. Cook, the Williford Gragg Distinguished Professor of Law.

Alexander Prize: Dr. Michael Handelsman, professor of Spanish.

Jefferson Prize: Dr. Brian Barber, professor of child and family studies; Douglas Blaze, the Art Stolnitz Distinguished Professor of Law and director of the UT Legal Clinic; and Dr. Gregory Kaplan, associate professor of Spanish.

Excellence in Teaching Awards: Dr. Margaret Beauvois, associate professor of French; Dr. Jerome Grant, professor of entomology and plant pathology; Dr. Catherine Higgs, associate professor of history; Don Hough, associate professor of music; Dr. Chauncey “Jeff” Mellor, professor of German; and Jo Angela Edwins, lecturer in English.

Excellence in Advising Awards: Dr. Patricia Davis Wiley, professor of theory and practice in teacher education; Dr. David Royse, associate professor of music; and Dr. William Park, professor of agricultural economics.

Research and Creative Achievement Awards: Dr. Stephen Ash, professor of history; Dr. Joanne Hall, professor of nursing; Dr. Michael Nash, professor of psychology; and Dr. George Pharr, professor of materials science and engineering.

Professional Promise in Research and Creative Achievement Awards: Dr. Hairong Qi, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering; and Dr. Randall Small, assistant professor of botany.

Academic Outreach Awards: David Fox, architecture professor; and April Hart, a third-year law student from Clinton.

UT National Alumni Association’s Outstanding Teacher Awards: Dr. Mariea Grubbs Hoy, professor of advertising; Dr. Joe Iannelli, associate professor of mechanical, aerospace and biomedical engineering; Dr. D. J. Krahwinkel, professor of veterinary medicine; and Professor Garry Menendez, associate professor of plant sciences.

UT National Alumni Association Public Service Award: Dr. Kurt Piehler, associate professor of history.

L.R. Hesler Award: Dr. Beth Mullin, professor of botany.

Graduate Student Teacher Awards: Kimberly Edmonson, psychology; Jamey Pavey, forestry, wildlife and fisheries; Kunsiri Chaw Siripun, botany; Daryl Smith, materials science and engineering.

Angie Warren Perkins Awards: Dr. Olga Welch, professor and interim head of educational administration and policy studies; and Dr. Hairong Qi, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering.

Women of Achievement Awards: Becky Riggs, pre-med major in the College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Christine Holmlund, professor of French; and Carol Anderson, team leader for applications and system development with the Student Information Systems Project.

2004 UT Notable Woman Award: Dr. Anna K. Nabelek, research professor in audiology and speech pathology.

Gene Mitchell Gray Award: Ron Clark, English major from Memphis.
Hardy Liston Symbol of Hope Award: Dr. Stan Bowie, assistant professor of social work.

Commission for Blacks Hall of Fame Award: Dr. John Morrow, professor of history at the University of Georgia and former head of the UT history department.

Service to the University Awards: Fay Adams, associate professor of music; Dr. Marian Moffett, professor of architecture; Dr. John Wachowicz, professor of finance; Norma Harrington, assistant director of undergraduate admissions in the Office of Enrollment Services; Brenda Lawson, compliance officer in the Office of Research; Jennifer Moshak, assistant athletic director for sports medicine in the women’s athletic department; and Sharonne Winston, administrative assistant in the Office for Faculty and Student Diversity.

Community Service Awards: Dr. Stan Bowie, assistant professor of social work; Margaret (Peggy) Pierce, professor of nursing; Michele Gourley, microbiology major from Smyrna; Christina Lizzol, social work major from San Diego, California; David Kennedy, English major from Chattanooga; Faith Ssebikindu, microbiology major from Cordova; and Delta Sigma Theta sorority.

Customer Service Award: Tomi Briggs, training assistant in the training and development section of the Department of Human Resources.

Campus Leadership and Service Awards: Neely Butler, broadcasting and political science major from Clarksville; Chaya Chandrasekaran, College Scholar from Chattanooga; Tiffany Davis, family studies major from Montgomery, Alabama; Katie Edgington, psychology major from Cookeville; Lori Jones, communications and advertising major from New Market; Sonya Madison, accounting major from Chattanooga; Adam Prater, engineering major from Memphis; Patrick Schuneman, doctoral student in geological sciences from Norwalk, California; Rachael Seneker, speech communications major from Asheville, North Carolina; and Bart Swecker, music major from Greeneville.

Contribution to Campus Life Awards: College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Ambassadors; Staff of The Daily Beacon; and the Student Government Association.

Student Volunteer of the Year: Amy Michaelson, logistics and transportation major from Smyrna.

Torchbearers: Scott Campbell, political science major from Midlothian, Virginia; Jessie Hinch, speech communications major from Dickson; Sarah Keeton, a College Scholars major from Rogersville; and Brandon Long, broadcasting and political science major from Memphis.

Citations for Academic Achievement by College:

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources: Jane E. Howell, Charlotte A. Leibrock, Rebecca R. Payton, Allison E. Ricks, Susanna H. Sutherland.

Arts and Sciences: Adam H. Alfrey, Thomas M. Benson, Nichole S. Bold, Michael H. Burton, Matthew J. Compton, Kevin Heinrich, Emily L. McDonald, Matthew R. Mills, Ariane K. Sherrod, Charles G. Wiseman.

Business Administration: David J. Edwards, Andy Dustin Johnson, Robert Gregory Simpson.

Communication and Information: Shelley K. Godwin, Amy C. Gonzales.

Education, Health and Human Sciences: Laura L. Jones, Jennifer C. McFarland, John A. Noblin, Tatiana V. Ryba.

Engineering: Edwina J. Booth, Jennifer L. Elliott, Scott E. Fields, John A. Garrison, Ashley A. Hendrix, Adam C. Hetzler, David L. McCollum, Adam Benjamin Prater, Christina M. Spencer.

Law: Jarrod W. Stone, Justin D. Wear.
Citations for Professional Promise by College:

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources: Erika A. Bible, Matthew R. Bowling, Aaron D. Crenshaw, Andrew H. Holt, Hong Young Jeon, Janelle L. Lawrence, Charlotte A. Leibrock, Emily C. Martin.

Architecture and Design: Matthew D. Fisher, Sarah L. Gilpin.

Arts and Sciences: Adam H. Alfrey, Yihua Bai, Adam C. Fotos, Esther L. Godfrey, Michele Kay Gourley, Michelle C. Greenwald, Richard N. Landers, Joshua K. Lothian, Emily L. McDonald, Matthew R. Mills, Laurel A. Naumann, Dustin T. Parr, Desiree E. Plaisance, Connie E. Pullum, Kevin G. Smith, Lori G. Stinnett, Xianghua Bruce Yu.

Business Administration: David J. Edwards, Katie A. Kaprive.

Communication and Information: Christina M. Banks, Anne C. Hwang, Ashley K. Robinson, Timothy R. Vacek.

Education, Health and Human Sciences: Karen M. Appleby, Elizabeth Brown, Jennifer L. Green, Cherilyn N. Hultquist, Suyeon Kim, Katherine E. Lengel, Thilla Sivakumaran.

Engineering: Stephanie Lynne Barnes, Matthew W. Freels, Adam C. Hetzler, George C. Jacob, David L. McCollum, Magesh Thiyagarajan, Bing Yang.

Law: Stephanie N. Johnson.

Nursing: Patricia E. Chaloux, Martha B. Jordan, Wesley E. Karcher, Joseph L. Simmons.

Social Work: Kimberly K. Clark, Albert L. Thompkins, Rebekah L. Yoder.

Veterinary Medicine: Allison K. Adams