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MEMPHIS — UT President John W. Shumaker Friday named additional members to the committee that will identify candidates to become vice president and chancellor of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

The members, representing students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders of the Health Science Center, join Dr. Michael Blackwell, dean of the UT College of Veterinary Medicine, on the search committee.

Blackwell’s appointment as the committee’s chairman was announced earlier. Dr. Jim Gibb Johnson was appointed interim vice president and chancellor following Bill Rice’s retirement on Oct. 31.

“Today, based on nominations submitted by many faculty, staff, students and community leaders, I am pleased to announce nine additional individuals who have agreed to serve as members of the search committee,” Shumaker said in an email message to faculty, staff and students at the center.

“Five of them will also chair a subcommittee of six to 10 members representing various stakeholders in the Health Science Center. By adopting a subcommittee structure, we shall be better able to gain broad based input in our recruitment of the best person to lead our distinguished Health Science Center in the years ahead.”

Committee members are:

Dr. Donna Hathaway, dean of the College of Nursing, who will serve as vice chair of the Search Committee; Dr. Bob Waller, former chief executive officer of the Mayo Clinic and current chair of the University Medical Center Coordinating Committee, who will chair the Community Subcommittee; Andy Baber, president of the Student Government Association Executive Council, who will chair the Student Subcommittee; and Odell Horton Jr., vice chancellor for University Relations, who will chair the Staff Subcommittee.

Dr. Andy Kang, Goodman Professor in the College of Medicine, who will chair the Research Subcommittee; Dr. Diane Wyatt, professor in the College of Allied Health Sciences, who will chair the Faculty Subcommittee; Dr. Lawrence Hak, professor of pharmacy and faculty representative on the UT Board of Trustees; Dr. Rhynette Hurd, a member of the Board of Trustees; and Dr. John Sullivan of Lexington, a graduate of the College of Dentistry and president-elect of the Tennessee Dentistry Association.