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KNOXVILLE — The charter class of honorees of the Educators Hall of Honor at the University of Tennessee’s College of Education were recognized recently.

Dr. Glennon Rowell, UT dean of education, said the Hall of Honor was established as a tribute to current and past educators and an inspiration for new educators to “become the best they can be.”

“The Educators Hall of Honor is a way that the College of Education has to express appreciation to educators at any level,” Rowell, himself one of the 20 charter honorees, said. “They could be college professors or elementary school teachers or principals, any educator who’s made a tremendous difference in the life of an individual or groups of individuals.

“It’s also a way not only to honor educators who have made a difference, but to add to our scholarship fund for future educators.”

The ceremony was held in the J. Clayton Arnold Commons area of UT’s newly renovated Claxton Complex, and included a tour of the Hall of Honor, also located in the Claxton Complex.

Rowell said the hall will bear plaques engraved with names of teachers and other educators who have had a profound impact on the lives of students and professional colleagues.

Their names also will be listed in alphabetical order on a touch-screen monitor that provides information about each honoree, he said.

Jack Williams, UT’s vice president of development and alumni affairs, said most honorees are nominated by former students who donate $1,000 to fund the honoree’s name in the hall and on the touch-screen video, and a scholarship fund for future educators.

Members of the Educators Hall of Honor charter class of 2001-2002, from Knoxville unless indicated otherwise, are: Lindsey E. Cagle, Principal, Granite Falls, N.C.; Lynn C. Cagle, Associate Dean, UT College of Education; Mattie H. Campen, Cedar Bluff School; Ira N. Chiles, Professor, UT College of Education; M. Vere Devault, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Rita Methvin Doak, Central High School; Lillie Frank Fitzgerald, Bradley Central High School, Cleveland, Tenn.; Thomas W. George, Associate Dean, UT College of Education; Henrietta A. Grant, Oak Ridge and Knox County Schools; Helen Giffin Headlee, Loudon County Schools; Andrew D. Holt, President, University of Tennessee; Becky Little, Farragut Middle School; Alice M. Litwinchuk, Salem Academy, Winston-Salem, N.C.; Katherine Davis Moore, Tyson Junior High; Donna Parrott, Sequoyah Elementary; Dan R. Quarles, Professor, UT College of Education; C. Glennon Rowell, Dean, UT College of Education; Elizabeth A. (Betty) Roy, Adaptive Education Center; R. Patricia Trickey, Springside School, Philadelphia, Pa.

In addition, the Loudon County Board of Education has honored its teachers and administrators in the school year 2001.