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A statement from Thomas Ballard, UT Vice President for Public and Governmental Relations, regarding the “Downsizing Ongoing Government Services” budget and UT’s Institute for Public Service:

“From the time that the ‘no new revenue’ budgets were released in February, we knew they called for the elimination of all state funding for the Institute for Public Service and its various programs. State appropriations represent about one-third of the Institute’s revenues, but would impact programs in different ways.

“Approval of a ‘no new revenues’ budget could result in the loss of 66 positions, if other revenues could not be found, and the shut down of WUOT which is supported from the Institute’s state appropriation. We continue to hope that these cuts are not made while also looking at ways to minimize the impact of cuts on our staff and our programs. A ‘no new revenues’ budget will not eliminate the Institute for Public Service, but significantly reduce its level of service.

“We will continue to keep you informed as information is available. Thanks for your continued dedication to the University of Tennessee.”