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KNOXVILLE — The new University of Tennessee state auto tags are available from the state’s 95 county court clerk offices.

Martha Irwin, Tennessee title and registration director, said about 50,000 of the new plates would be shipped to Tennessee counties. They will be available between Jan. 15-30, she said.

“This special plate is a very pleasant design and we feel like it is going to be a good seller for those supporters of UT across the state,” Irwin said.

The new UT auto license plate

The new design has the word “Tennessee” across the top of the plate. An orange strip in the middle contains the UT logo and the license number with “The University of Tennessee” written underneath.

The new plate replaces the old UT tags, which had the UT logo in orange letters and expire in 2002, Irwin said.

Those old UT plates cannot be validated with a decal sticker, Irwin said. They must be replaced with either a standard license plate or a new UT plate.

However, the UT National Championship and UT Lady Vol tags issued in 1999 remain valid and can be renewed with the sticker, she said.

The new UT license plate is $25. Motorists who replace their old UT tags will not get the same license plate number, but personalized plates can be purchased for $50, Irwin said.

Eighty percent of proceeds from sale of the new UT tags will go to the Tennessee Arts Commission, Irwin said. The rest goes to the state highway fund, she said.

For more information about the new special tag, call the local county court clerk’s office.