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KNOXVILLE — University of Tennessee trustees approved a 10-year, $102 million plan Tuesday to improve UT student housing at Knoxville.

The plan, passed by the finance and administration committee before approval by the full board, calls for upgrading some residence halls, family and graduate student apartments at UT. Some residence halls might be phased out or sold under the plan.

Philip Scheurer, UT vice president for operations said the plan has three phases.

In the first phase, which runs from 2002-2007, $46.2 million would be spent, followed by $49.8 million from 2007-2009 and $6.3 million from 2009-2011, Scheurer said.

UT housing cited for improvements in the plan include Hess, Greve, Massey, Morrill, Clement, Humes, North Carrick, South Carrick, and Reese residence halls.

Apartment complexes marked for improvements include Kingston and Laurel apartments and Apartment Residence Hall on Andy Holt Avenue.

Scheduled renovations for residence halls and apartments include replacing windows, doors, roofs and lights; upgrading elevators, fire alarms and air conditioning systems; painting rooms; installing new furniture; and making exterior repairs.

The plan also suggests the possibility of building 400 new units for families and graduate students at Cherokee Farms, a 220-acre site that has held UT’s dairy research and teaching programs.

The renovations and repairs were recommended following a recent study of UT housing conducted by Anderson Strickler, a Gaithersburg, Md., building development consultant for colleges and universities.