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KNOXVILLE – Students, professors and employees of the University of Tennessee now have campus-wide wireless access to the Internet and university databases.

When the 2001 fall semester began, the University became one of the most connected universities in the country – with more than 70 campus buildings covered by the high-speed wireless network. Every academic classroom and research building as well as most administrative buildings on campus have complete coverage.

“The integration of information technologies into our teaching and research programs is essential to the educational experience at The University of Tennessee,” said Dr. Loren W. Crabtree, University of Tennessee vice president and provost.

“One of our missions is to prepare our students to integrate new technologies in their day-to-day lives, such as the concept of working anytime from anywhere, without boundaries,” said Dr. Dewitt Latimer, head of information technology infrastructure at UT. “We have selected Avaya, Inc., as our wireless supplier because of their experience in the education field and because their solutions provide strong authentication capabilities that limit fraudulent network access and easy network management – all with an excellent return on investment.”

The wireless network was designed and implemented by International FiberCom, which is also providing engineering and installation of VolNET, the campus computer network infrastructure modernization project.