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KNOXVILLE — Eli Fly, acting president of the University of Tennessee, said Thursday he is assigning some duties of the executive vice president’s office to other staff members.

Fly said he will not appoint an acting executive vice president, the post he has held since 1991. He was named acting president when Dr. J. Wade Gilley resigned June 1.

UT Vice President and Treasurer Charles Peccolo will represent the university on the UT Research Corp. and on other boards and commissions, he said.

Vice President for Business and Finance Sylvia Davis is being given additional responsibility in the budget and finance area and will oversee human resources, Fly said. Philip Scheurer, vice president for operations, will head the university’s building and facilities program. Dr. Charles Moss will assume responsibility for Flight Operations and continue to head Transportation Services and Graphics Arts.

Fly said he will continue oversight of IRIS, working closely with UT Associate Treasurer and Project Manager Neal Wormsley, until the new computerized business management system is more fully implemented.

“I need to focus on the issues of the president’s office,” he said. “These are capable people who are very knowledgeable about the areas I’ve asked them to head.”