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KNOXVILLE — Some University of Tennessee roads and parking lots will be temporarily closed during Spring Break, UT traffic officials said Friday.

John Parker, UT physical plant director, said closures will last March 18-March 26 for underground utility and plumbing work on the Alumni Building Renovation.

Closures include:
— Middle Way Drive, located on the Hill, will be closed from the intersection of Phillip Fulmer Way to the “Y” intersection located behind Nielsen Physics Building.

Traffic will not be allowed to travel this section of the road until work is completed. Parking Area 2 next to Perkins will be accessible, but traffic will need to follow the detour signs located at the entrance of the “Hill” at Cumberland Avenue.

There will be temporary two-way traffic flow on Circle Drive to Middle Way Drive. Staff 2 parking permits will be honored in Staff Lot 3 or G-10 Garage.
— The eastbound lane on Andy Holt will be closed from Volunteer Boulevard to Middle Drive. Motorists must enter Lot 9 from Peyton Manning Pass, from Volunteer Boulevard East or northbound from Phillip Fulmer Way.

Parking lot 5 at Alumni Memorial Building will be closed until construction is completed. Area 5 parkers may use Staff 9 or G-10 Garage.
— The northbound lane of Phillip Fulmer Way from the corner of Peyton Manning Pass to Andy Holt Avenue will be closed.

Traffic may enter Phillip Fulmer Way from Cumberland, but at times will be alternated either westbound Andy Holt Avenue or southbound Phillip Fulmer Way depending on which road work is in progress.

Parker said the closures would not affect campus traffic and parking for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament games here Saturday and Monday.