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KNOXVILLE — Lady Vols’ basketball fans across the state can show their pride and help University of Tennessee students afford college.

Lady Vols Plate

A new state auto tag commemorating the Lady Vols’ six national championships soon will be available from Tennessee-s 95 County Court Clerk-s offices. Forms for ordering personalized tags are available from a clerk-s office.

A portion of the revenues generated from the sale of the license plates will go to UT-s general scholarship fund, Emerson Fly, UT executive vice president, said. The General Assembly this spring authorized the Tennessee Department of Safety to offer the special tags, along with one commemorating UT-s football national championship.

The orange and white plate has “Tennessee” at the top, the Lady Vols- logo and a basketball on the left, and the words “6 Time National Champions” on the bottom.

Plates will cost $49, less any credit for a current state registration. Local wheel taxes are extra.

Personalized tags may be purchased for a total cost of $74, less any credit. Up to five black letters or numbers will be stamped in the center.

Motorists whose license plates have not expired will be able to bring in their current plate and registration to receive a pro-rated credit toward the new tag.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Lady Vols’ fans to show their pride while helping UT students defray costs,” Fly said. “We appreciate the efforts of the legislature to designate part of the revenues for student scholarships.”

License plates honoring the 1998 football championship became available in September. For more information on either plate, contact a County Clerk-s office.

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