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NASHVILLE–Salary increases for University of Tennessee administrators who make more than $75,000 now must be approved in advance by the Office of the President.

UT President J. Wade Gilley said Tuesday he will not approve additional pay increases until each UT campus and institute submits a compensation plan to the president’s office for review.

In an executive policy bulletin to UT vice presidents and chancellors, Gilley says initial salaries and merit increases above $75,000 for administrative staff are subject to review by the President’s office. Most of the salary increases recently reported in the news media went to lower paid faculty and staff, the statement says.

Gilley also directed Executive Vice President Eli Fly to review proposed salary increases of staff making between $50,000-$75,000.

“A perception has been created that we did not use good judgment or, at the very least, that our timing was bad. We must recognize that such an important and sensitive issue demands explicit university guidelines and well-articulated campus plans for a consistent and coherent approach,” Gilley said.

The policy bulletin says compensation for UT faculty and employees should be based on performance and the employment market.

Senior administrative appointments at or above assistant dean or equivalent levels also will be approved by the Office of the President.