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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A new state auto tag will allow Tennessee

Championship Plate
(See downloads below)

football fans to show their pride in the national champions and help UT students defray college costs.

The special license plate honoring the 1998 championship Vols is expected to be available from the state’s 95 County Court Clerks by Sept. 1, just in time for the kickoff of the new season, Billy Stair, executive assistant to the UT president, said Wednesday.

A portion of the money generated from the sale of the tags will go to UT’s general scholarship fund, said Stair, who has spearheaded the project for the university. The General Assembly this spring authorized the Tennessee Department of Safety to offer the commemorative tag.

The orange and white tag has “Tennessee” at the top, a Vols’ helmet with the “power T” on the left, and the famous end-zone “checkerboard,” with the overlay “National Champions” in black on the bottom. Up to five numerals or letters, in black, will be stamped into the center.

When the plates are available in the clerks’ offices, persons wishing to purchase them will pay $49, less any credit for their current state registration. Local wheel taxes are extra.

Motorists can personalize it for a total cost of $74, less credit. Forms for ordering a personal tag are available from a clerk’s office.

When purchasing a special plate, motorists are required to bring their current plate and registration receipt to the clerk’s office to receive credit.

“Early indications are the UT national championship plate will be very popular,” Stair said. “County clerks across Tennessee have received hundreds of calls wanting to know when the plates will be available.”

“The university is grateful to the Legislature for designating a portion of the revenues for student scholarships. We also appreciate the cooperation of the Department of Safety and the Department of Correction for working to make the tags available in record time.”

Questions about the new special tag should be directed to the local County Court Clerk’s office.

Available for download:

High Resolution PDF version of new plate (460 K)

High Resolution JPEG graphic (152 K)