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University of Tennessee and Collegiate Licensing Co. representatives will be checking for counterfeit merchandise at Saturday’s National Championship celebration.

Sara Phillips, UT’s director of licensing, said unlicensed merchandise is subject to seizure and those selling it will be prosecuted.

In addition to checking for unlicensed products bearing UT symbols and trademarks, CLC and UT personnel will look for merchandise that might violate NCAA and national championship requirements.

Use of a student athlete’s name or photo could jeopardize the player’s eligibility and use of “national champions” requires a special license, Phillips said.

“Protecting the integrity and marks of the University of Tennessee is our primary concern. We want to deter the sale of counterfeit merchandise and provide an atmosphere where only licensed merchandise is sold,” she said.

UT’s licensing revenues are used primarly for scholarships and other student activities, Phillips said.

She said fans purchasing Tennessee merchandise should:

* Look for a red and blue logo tag that says “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” and check for a manufacturer’s name on the product.

* Find an intact garment tag. Torn or missing tags are evidence of a low quality or secondhand garment.

* Buy merchandise that depicts UT logos or marks in a tasteful manner.

* Purchase merchandise with trademark designations near a specific name, such as Tennessee or Vols, or near a design.

Suspected counterfeit merchandise should be reported to CLC at 770-956-0520.

Contact: John Clark (423-974-2225)