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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The University of Tennessee-Knoxville has its largest enrollment in five years, Chancellor Bill Snyder said Thursday.

A total of 25,605 students registered for fall classes, up 566 from a year ago. UT-Knoxville had 25,890 students in fall 1993.

Undergraduate headcount enrollment this fall is 19,693, an increase of 632 over last year. First time freshman enrollment is down 84, to 3,806, and overall transfer enrollment is up 41 to 1,215.

There are 294 more first time graduate students this fall, the largest increase in several years, Dr. John Peters, vice chancellor for academic affairs, said.

While the total graduate enrollment of 5,912 is down 66, there is an increase in the percentage of graduate students attending full time, Peters said.

”Both undergraduate and graduate students are taking more classes and that holds the promise for them to complete their degrees in timely fashion,” Peters said. ”We have seen increases of 2 to 3 percent in course loads across all student groups.”

Peters said the undergraduate office of admissions, the graduate school and academic deans and department heads worked hard last year on recruiting.

”The number of students we have on campus is within goals set by our enrollment plan, but we will continue to recruit more of Tennessee’s best high school graduates, community college transfers and graduate students.

”This year, we had an unusually large and strong applicant pool, attracted in part by UT-Knoxville’s growing national reputation for both quality and value.”