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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Two departments in the University of Tennessee-Knoxville College of Engineering plan to celebrate the high pass rates of their students on recent national licensing exams.

In civil and environmental engineering, all 38 students who took the 1998 Fundamentals of Engineering exam passed it.

In the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Engineering Science, 48 of 50 students passed their version of the test.

National pass rates on the exams are in the range of 70 percent, exam officials said.

A luncheon with both departments is scheduled Tuesday, Sept. 8, on the lawn of Ferris Hall to celebrate.

”We have always thought that our students are the best prepared civil and environmental engineering students in the nation,” said Dr. Greg Reed, department head. ”These results prove it.”

Dr. Don Dareing, head of mechanical and aerospace engineering and engineering science, said the high pass rate reflects on the quality of the students and the training the students receive.

”We are very proud of the students and their performance on this examination,” Dareing said.

Candidates for licensure as a professional engineer must pass the fundamentals exam and a second one after earning four years’ engineering experience.